How do you keep track of your cycle?

I don’t know if I’m just not that aware, but I swear I always get caught off guard when my period rolls around.  If I bother to count days, I’m incredibly regular I think, but I just can’t seem to find the interest or time to keep track.  I inevitably get some PMS, but not a ton (extra sleepy and hyper emotionally sensitive) but I never seem to clue in that it’s signaling something.  To be honest it’s usually my husband who notices that I’ve been sleeping on my back again for a night or two, and comments that I must be close. 

In other ways I’m pretty aware of my body and it’s needs … like when I need iron, or am low on calcium, or exactly why I’m breaking out in zits again (hello sugar!).  For some reason I just don’t catch on to the whole period thing. I don’t use pill-based birth control, which would help I’m sure, and I don’t look at my calendar often enough to make a note there.  I suppose I could put a recurring 23-day reminder on my computer … but somehow don’t want that popping up on the one machine in the house that everyone uses on an almost daily basis.  Even with a code name … which reminds me, do you all use one?  I’ve got friends who refer to Aunt Flo, I’ve heard of Herman visiting, any other handy euphemisms? 

I’m all ears …