Friday Roundup ...

Some great posts around the blogosphere this week, see a few of my favorites below. 

  • Fun in the leaves earlier this weekMy Son has a Superpower, by Redneck Mommy.  Thought-provoking post on the invisibility of the disabled … ever find yourself looking the other way because you don’t want to stare, and end up pointedly ignoring someone?  Yup, me too. 
  • Jenn at Juggling Life wrote about Culture Clash this week … her front-line tale of hosting a teenager from another country for the school year.  Anyone who can parent a child other than one they gave birth to is amazing to me, but in the case of taking on a teenager with huge cultural differences, hats off to you Jenn!  I look forward to more stories :). 
  • Can’t pass up a reference to the (invasive and offensive to me) new TSA rules in the US, and I found most of my news on it this week thanks to the lovely Barb Cooper via FBThis one, or this one, or this one … they all raise my hackles high.  I get the need/desire for security, but I don’t buy the current setup as being one that will keep me or my family remotely secure or healthy.  Any of you dreading Thanksgiving travel because of it?  Love to hear your thoughts and experiences!  Or stories of how it’s done in other countries …

Ready for Thanksgiving?  Any big plans?  We’re staying local as usual, and getting to see some cousins I’ve not been able to get together with for aeons.  With just a few pies on my to-do list, I’m getting off easy :).  Hoping to get in a Turkey Trot that morning, to get some exercise before hunkering down over a groaning table.  I honestly kind of dread the holidays though … somehow it’s one of the hardest times of year, with the short days, shortage of work and funds, and the feeling of hunkering down for a long winter without much vision of how to get through it.  I love seeing family and friends, and finding ways to get together, but struggle to keep on the sunny side a lot of the time.  I think I’ll be doing some journaling and soul-searching while poking into the dark corners, so I can better see what’s in them, and learn to deal with it. 

Have a great weekend, and may the sun shine on all of it for you!