Friday Roundup ...

I’ll be running in shoes like these … gives new meaning to “getting cold feet” at this time of year!I’ve been getting more and more preoccupied this week, thanks to my marathon this weekend, and the need to get myself properly rested, fed, and relaxed.  I’m not doing too well in any of those catgories, and taking the boys to the expo today was a test of endurance in itself!  They did get to have some fun, but spent most of the time getting squashed in the crowds, or being told to “grab my hand!” over and over again :).  Glad that part is over at least.  I’ll let you know how it went on Monday … prayers and speedy thoughts appreciated!

Here are just a few links I loved from the last week … I didn’t spend all that much time online for once.

That’s all she wrote, happy weekend!