Q of the Week : How old were you when you became a mom?

My grandmother with my newborn mom. I love this picture in so many ways. I’ve got a simple question this week, so you can answer in a flash in the midst of the holiday flurry, and I’m super curious about the variety of answers.  How old were you when you first became a mom … and how old when you had your last?  I was 31 for my first, 35 for my 2nd, and I’m still entertaining the notion that there could be another, but I doubt it. 

A simple number (or two) is a fine answer, and if you want to elaborate on it that’s always welcome!  I turn 40 this week, and of course it’s making me pause and think about a lot of things like this.  My sister is coming today too, minus her brood of 4, to spend a week with me, and what could be better than that?!