Q of the Week : Favorite Holiday Food?

As I sit here with a mug of tea and leftover cookies in my belly, I have to ask one obvious question on this next-to-last week of the year.  What’s your favorite holiday food that you crave/dream of/beg/make once a year?  Is it decorated sugar cookies, Grandma’s latkes, honey-baked ham, rum balls, or the truffles that Uncle Jim sends every year?  I have one craving that I never seem to satisfy except at the holidays, and that would have to be the Lindor Truffles that come in a myriad of flavors, all delightful as far as I’ve managed to sample.

My weekend was filled with foods I don’t normally eat, and while my running has suffered a bit, my taste buds have not!  My mother-in-law outdid herself this year and brought three huge cakes to my holiday/birthday party on Saturday, and while there were some truffles and a few cookies left at the end of the night, the cakes were pretty well decimated.  A decadent and smothered with frosting Three Day Coconut Cake, a lovely sherry cake, and a delish carrot cake.  I indulge in sweets over the holidays in a way I don’t ever do the rest of the year, and I look forward to it! 

So, what’s your must-have holiday treat?