Q of the Week : Favorite Movies?

I’ve watched more movies than usual lately, thanks to my friend Mike who sent me a bunch of DVDs of some old classics.  I didn’t watch many at all until I was in my mid 20’s, thanks to growing up without a TV and my folks not liking theaters much.  I’ve not exactly made up for it since, but my movie consumption has been steady for the last few years at about one a week.  I have a few on my shelf that I go to time and again, but only a few.  Most movies I don’t care to see more than once.  I’d usually rather re-read a good book than re-watch a movie. 

So the ones I caught up on this past week?  I confess to seeing Terms of Endearment and Footloose for the first time.  I loved Terms of Endearment, and found Shirley Maclaine absolutely amazing in her role.  It did nothing to make me like Jack Nicholson any better though, he still looks and acts like a grouchy bulldog 20 years later!  I think my absolute favorite movie ever is still What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.  Stunning, heart wrenching, and so not-hollywood feeling.  Loved every minute of it.  I’ve seen some fabulous films in the last year @BAM, but unfortunately no names are springing to mind at the moment.  I’ll add them in the comments if I can find them later.

I often use movies for venting emotionally, kind of like a good back scratch for my heart.  I deliberately pick gut-wrenching ones when I need a whack upside the head, vs. ‘chick flicks’ when I want to feel good but not have to think.  It’s cheap therapy :). Also, I usually prefer to go/watch alone, which isn’t what I used to like.  I can react as emotionally as I want without feeling one bit self-conscious.  I love movies :).

What are your all time favorites?  Any I should add to my “must see” list?