Would You Like Some ... Hearty Salad Bar Fixings?

This salad has become a real favorite in our house, it’s the perfect winter meal when you’re not in the mood for soup!  It’s customizable, flexible, and we think it’s just plain delicious.  It’s from Catherine Newman’s family.com column, and I have to yet try a recipe of hers that we don’t love.  Kindred kitchens?  Perhaps :). 

I’ll give you the basics below, but let her original recipe (scroll down for the printable) give you the specifics. We had this for dinner tonight, after some heavy snow-time thanks to a snow-day, and it was filling and delish! 

If you haven’t tried quinoa, I beg you to give it a shot.  It cooks in about 15 minutes, keeps well, and can be subbed for rice or couscous in just about any recipe.  It’s a wee bit nutty tasting, fun to look at (it ‘opens’ when it’s cooked so you see lots of delicate little white spirals), and my rice-loving boys devour it. 

The Basics …

So, cook up a nice bowl of quinoa (red or white) and lightly dress it with lemon and oil. 

Add a bowl of crumbled feta or whatever cheese your family likes.

Toast or roast some seeds or nuts, and dust them with chili and lime.

Grab some pesto, or whirl some fresh herbs and garlic and oil in the food processor. 

Drain a can of your favorite beans (or use whatever leftover beans you have, even refried are fine!) and add some salt and lime to them too.

Roast some chunked zucchini, or chop up (and lightly steam if you have time) whatever green veggies you can find like snap peas, cukes, or chunky greens like bok choy.

Let everyone take what they want, and dig in! It can be served warm or cold, or all tossed together in a big pasta-ish salad if you add a bit more oil and lemon.  Leftovers are even better :).

Get the specifics and the printable over at family.com, and enjoy!