Tip Tuesday : Arnica is Almost Magic

I was sitting here wondering what to “tip” about today, and rubbing my incredibly sore shoulders.  Why they are sore, I have no idea … it happened before the snowfort-building-snow-ball-fight-having day that included a slog through a snowstorm with a stroller outing!  It suddenly hit me that I might was well promote a product (completely un-sponsored, just something I believe in) that I might have mentioned before.  It’s the homeopathic gel/creme called Arnicare Gel, and it is a muscle relaxant and trauma repair product that is simply amazing.  For bumps, bruises, and muscle soreness I’ve never seen anything work as fast or as well. 

I think it’s most miracle-earning work is in the bruising department.  The faster you get it on, the faster it works.  I saw my son’s eye start to develop the most amazing shiner you’d ever seen on a 3-year-old … slather Arnica on within 20 minutes and it was faintly yellow the next morning.  That’s it.  I was sold :). The faster you get it on, the better it works.

I’ve included the link below to Amazon, they have it on sale at the moment and yes I get a few cents if you order it there, but honestly I don’t care where you get it, just keep some in your purse or diaper bag or backpack or whatever.  Just try it!  It’s truly amazing, and a must for anyone with small kids or muscle aches.