Tip of the Week : Change Direction Frequently

When you’re frustrated, change direction.  When something isn’t coming together the way you want, change direction.  When your kid is getting frustrated, change direction.  Admittedly I’m plowing some new furrows right now, in taking up homeschooling, and that requires many shifts in habits and directions.  I’m feeling my way through a maze in the dark, and the steps are rather tentative.  I’m learning again, and it feels good.  Not knowing is good.  Being the newbie is good.  Changing directions is good too.  Sometimes you just have to turn your head and see something a bit differently, sometimes you have to pick up and move your feet too. 

Last bit: when you change direction, there’s always a momentary pause in between.  Sometimes more than a moment.  Savor them as long as necessary, they’re sweet and meant to be chewed until they’re almost tasteless.  Sometimes more is learned in the pause than you ever imagined.