Friday Roundup

It’s another snow day here, and it’s not quite done dumping yet.  We got out early this morning, once we knew Fynn’s school was cancelled, and trekked to the park for some pseudo-sledding on an old storage box lid :).  We’re hard on sleds and they seem to break continually, so I gave up for this year and we’ll use what we can find! 

It’s the end of a long week, as it’s the first homeschooling stint and it involved several transitional things with his old school that were rather difficult for him.  We made it!  Today was to be a field trip with his class, but it was cancelled along with all the school closings.  It’s been a tense week too, trying to find new patterns and drop expectations and handle questions.  It’s a particularly intense period of learning and adjusting. 

Without further ado, my favorite finds from the week …

  • First up is a comment on the Q of the Week that I loved, part of which was: Being a mom is not a job nor is it something we succeed at. It is like the law of Moses, it is there to show us we don’t measure up and that there is a better way. The way of love, forgiveness and tolerance both for ourselves, our kids and others. I am sick of living in a world where we forget how to be human and latch on to intelligence, money, attractiveness, power as if those are the highest pursuits of human beings. Thanks Webber! 
  • Melanie over at the WC wrote about being nice vs. being important, and it’s a great read (as always, check out the comments if you have time!)
  • Leslie over at the great site Smart Birth linked to this article on 40 amazing things about babies, and I found it a womb-tugging read that makes me once again wonder about how many we want to have!  
  • Am I the last person to find out about Instructables?  It’s fabulous!  Illustrated DIY projects for everything from working lightsabers (this is on my list for sure) to making chemical blood to making chocolate dinosaurs.  Snowed in?  Find something to make!

Next week I’ll be away from home (yay for free rides to FL and family with timeshares!) but I will attempt to get posts lined up in advance.  If I don’t get it done before I go then bear with me if there’s a post-less day or two :).  Guest posts are always welcome, send me an email if you want to contribute!

Have a great weekend,