Q of the Week : What (if anything) do you expect to get for Valentine's Day?

Expectations are rarely a good idea in terms of gifts, but I bet at least most of us secretly have them.  I’m the queen of telling myself I have no expectations, but then realizing later (in my disappointment) that I really did have them!  Grr.  Better to never expect and be pleasantly surprised, yes? 

However, I still want to know … what do you expect to get for Valentine’s Day?  I grew up in a house where holidays were faithfully acknowleged with a treat and a card at our place at the breakfast table.  We almost always ate together, and it became a fun ritual to see something colorful on our plates in the morning.  I don’t manage anything remotely regular like that, but sometimes the kids make or get cards, and I do whatever comes to mind.  It’s almost always last-minute! 

This Sunday, I expect I’ll have a card from my mom to open (she’s never missed a year yet) and likely some kind of card from Douglas that he’s made in class.  They get less elaborate as they get older, but they did make Christmas cards so I won’t be too shocked if something pink or red comes home.  Other than that, I have none.  My husband doesn’t do holidays, and I’m determined not to make him feel guilty if he doesn’t.  I’ll probably bring him coffee in bed, and call it a day :). 

So, what are your true holiday expectations?