Tip Tuesday : Back it Up!

Fynn’s the resident backing up expert when it comes to trucks … not so helpful with computers though!It’s old and tired but no less true … if you’ve got anything precious in digital form, back it up!!  Two friends went through hard-drive crashes in the last 2 weeks, and it’s top of mind for me right now.  I’m hunting for the cheapest (reliable) hard-drive I can find to get the pictures from the last 8 years on something other than just my laptop.  It’s downright scary to think they’re so easily ruined, especially as my kids are becoming increasingly computer-literate, but are still capable of making big messes really quickly.  I’m afraid of it every time I think of it!

So, how do you keep your stuff backed up?  Do you?  Need to?  Fess up and share your thoughts … I’m headed towards a Seagate external hard drive if I can find an affordable one, but would love other ideas. 


In other news, NYC has pre-announced a snow day for tomorrow, which I believe is the first one since Douglas started public school, so we’re going on 4 years without one!  Ironic that it happens to be his last week of public school, at least for the forseeable future!  The homeschooling adventure/challenge starts next week.