Q of the Week : Favorite Season?

How my husband survives winter … I may just be getting sick of snow and winter, but I’m getting really itchy for spring!  I’m tired of bundling boys into all kinds of snow gear just to go to the store, drying mittens, and crunch-running in treacherous conditions.  I love snow and building things, but it’s been long enough I think.  Bring on spring!

Despite those feelings, fall is actually my favorite season.  I love it’s crunchiness, cooler temps, crisp veggies, and the end of the heat and long long days of summer.  It’s like the end of a job well done, and the getting-ready-for-winter squirrel-i-ness appeals to me.  I love canning and cool runs and leaf piles and pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving.  I’m a fall girl :).

Speaking of seasons, any of you remember that Color Me Beatiful fad where you were supposed to work your wardrobe and makeup around which ‘season’ you were?  I think it came out in the late 80’s (yes I’m dating myself!) and I always wanted to be a Fall girl, but kept getting rather ambiguous answers that labeled me as belonging in the Spring or Winter color palettes.  I wanted Answers and Palettes and Colors Just For Me!  Oh the must-fit-in-but-be-unique dramas of teenagers :).  Anyhow, I just googled it and sure enough they’re still around!  To my surprise I took the 2-question test they have, and they call me an Autumn … which made me laugh … apparently I’ve finally arrived?!

So, which season is your favorite?