Q of the Week : How much screen time do your kids get?

Fixated on cartoons during vacation …

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question before, but I’d still love to know.  How much screen time (tv/video/games/computer/etc.) do your kids get a day or week?  My boys just finished watching a Tom/Jerry marathon thanks to a playdate-gone-long, and their insanity at the end of it all gets me every time. 

I’m generally on the minimalist end of things, having been raised with no TV whatsoever, and I find myself preferring to keep it that way.  I certainly use it to entertain at times, and as a reward, but free screen time is generally limited to 1/2 hour a day on weekends.  I do use videos for education, especially now that I’m homeschooling, but prefer to keep that to a couple days a week for 45 minutes or so.  When we’re away from home the rules are a lot more relaxed.  That probably explains the stares of the three in the photo, and their unwillingness to do anything else while watching! 

My own screen time?  Much more than theirs when it comes to blog wandering, and I’m toying with the idea of keeping my limit to 30 minutes a day unless it’s directly related to work.  I truly hate how much time I waste online, and as I try to keep up on Douglas’ book reading that may become easier to drop than I think!

So how’s screen time in your household?