Tip of the Week : Google for Coupons!

If you order anything online, I hope you already know about this one.  If not (like the friend I spoke to yesterday) get ready to save!  Any time you go to buy ANYthing online, first Google “Gap Coupons” or whatever company or site you’re ordering from.  You’ll get a big list of sites like CouponCabin or MyCoupons or whatever, and I almost never fail to find a relevant coupon that gives me anywhere from 5 to 20% off of my order, or free shipping, or something like that.  I never spend more than 5 minutes looking.  Beware of the ones that are only for some special group that you don’t belong to (like students or whatever) but most of them are entirely legit. 

My example from last week …

I’d told Douglas he could order whatever he wanted out of the Edmund Scientific catalog, up to a max of $120, for his birthday gift from us.  He chose three things, totalling $119, before tax or shipping :).  I told him that might have to change if the shipping was too high (I was totally stretching to do the $120 anyhow, but had been saving for awhile), and lo and behold it rang up to $150 all told!  I Googled for coupons and found one for free shipping.  Blink, there went $20 off the total.   Then I found another one for 12% off the order (I think) and the total dropped to $113!  Nice $37 off for a few minutes of searching.  That was more than average, as most companies only allow one coupon like that to be applied, but still there’s always something. 

What’s the best deal you’ve gotten online?