Friday Roundup ...

Happy Friday, hope yours is as delighfully warm as it is here!  Spring is finally a bit of a reality :).  I’m lying low trying to knock my cold back, getting ready for Sunday’s race.  In the meantime, check out these links for the week, ones that made me think ….

  • First off is another gem from Kizz at the WC, called Hello Stranger > on the subject of how well do we really know each other?  Interesting to me especially in the age of virtual communication, but still relevant no matter how cyber-connected you are.  I feel like I just barely know my husband sometimes, and we’ve been married almost 10 years, and known each other since we were teenagers.  Complex beings, we are. 
  • Then there’s Erin’s take on The Guilt Trip > Classic Sane Mom subject, great take on it, check it out!
  • Lastly is Her Bad Mother’s take on the NY Times article this past weekend on the subject of Moms and Blogs and it’s a great read > She Is Vast and She Contains Multitudes.  How are we labeled?  Seen?  Feared?  Powerful?  Voiceless? 

Happy Weekend!  I’ll be in the starting corrals at 7am on Sunday, so if you’re up then, think speedy thoughts for me :).