Tip Tuesday : Pick a Room!

It’s that time of year, the spring fling purge and get rid of stuff time.  The sidewalks here have been overflowing the last few weeks, with piles of furniture, books, fans, old printers, you name it and someone’s getting rid of it!  I confess to getting a lot of my furniture that way, and have been keeping my eyes peeled for some gigantic bookcases.  I have the same urge myself, and have been cleaning closets and shelves with abandon. 

The boys’ room got the first stage done today, and I took a slightly different approach than normal.  I took EVERYthing off of the big shelves, and started over, putting things back one at a time.  It made organization a lot more logical, and the things that didn’t belong were weeded out and pitched or moved to someplace they do belong. 

I’ve had one thing ringing in my head as I look at the stuff that’s accumulated in our limited space, and that’s the phrase “everything must have a place”.  There are many things that don’t truly have a place they belong, so they wander … and constantly contribute to the clutter.  If it doens’t have a place, find one!  It would make it much easier for the boys to clean up if they knew where everything belonged.  It’s my mantra while the spring-fling-pitch-clean drive lasts, at least for this year.  We’ll see how far I get before the steam runs out!