Friday Roundup ...

Perhaps the fact that I’m posting this after a looooong day of getting ready for company (not the easiest sort either) has some bearing on the contents.  You be the judge :)

  • First up is something I just found, which suits my palate to a T.  Minnesota Matron who posts often on the WC has three quick recipes, all of which appeal to me greatly.  The easiest?  Swirl peanut butter in your hot oatmeal, before adding fruit (if you bother).  Get the details here.  
  • Ok, another WC contribution (from Bellwether Vance this time) but this one is so sweet and delightful that it’s not to be missed.  On the subject of delayed proposals.
  • The Health Care Bill?  I’ve watched some of the debates, seen FB statuses with heated opinions, and listened to it all without much comment.  I found myself reacting without knowing much, just feeding off of others’ opinions.  So, here’s the bill.  I’m going to read it before saying anything.