Tip Tuesday : Write It Down, Big!

In one of my favorite books of all time is Mister God, This is Anna.  Anything that interested the pint sized Anna, she asked whoever was handy to “!Write It Down Big!.  I think it’s great advice, and have been seeing the need to implement it at home.  We did a “big” calendar a couple of weeks ago for the fridge, but it’s not big enough.  The squares are small enough to ignore, and it’s on Fynn’s eye level but my kneecaps don’t notice it when I’m opening the door!  It simply needs to be bigger, and put somewhere that we’ll all actually see it. 

For kids, and often adults, we don’t see the small stuff.  We tune it out, overlook it, and just plain ignore it.  Big things are harder to avoid.  We trip over them, and have to work to avoid them.  I plan on making my group calendar a lot bigger, and only covering 2 weeks at a time.  Less is more!

Simple lists, few items, written large.  Reminders to yourself, put it where you’ll trip over it … the more annoying things are, the more likely we are to take care of them in order to get rid of them!