Q of the Week : How much do you think about home when you're away?

Of course this is related to my current vacation, but I’m curious.  How much do you think about home when you’re away?  I’m truly a home body at this point in my life, and while I LOVE travel to new places, I inevitably start to miss home.  Familiar things, having my own space, the kids with their own toys, and all that.  I’ve talked to my husband most days since we left, and do miss him, but it’s not really that. 

Do you think about what you could/should be doing at home?  Do you ever feel guilty for being away?  I reach a point in a trip where I start to imagine what’s going to be expected of me when I return, what’s piled up while I’m gone (I dread seeing my inbox!) and that kind of thing.  I wish I could say I go completely on vacation, but it seems to take me 3-4 days to truly relax, a few days to enjoy it, and then the last bit gets taken up by the when-I-get-home thoughts.  Is it just me, or does part of your brain stay tuned in to home life no matter where you are?