Tip of the Week : Travel Light!

I know, I know, it’s virtually impossible with kids!  However, I’ll bet you can get away with a lot less than you think. 

  • For starters, one batch of laundry while you’re gone can cut clothing weight down dramatically!  How many “never ended up wearing it” pieces did you bring home last time?!  
  • Favorite toys? Just pick a few, and let the novelty of new places and people do a lot of the entertaining.  Pick toys with multiple uses too, and not ones with small pieces! 
  • Remember that you’re likely to come home with more than you left with.  
  • Wear your bulkiest shoes while in transit, it saves loads of luggage space.
  • Don’t pack disposable stuff if you can buy it there, like diapers and formula and snacks.  Being exposed to new foods and new products can be novel for kids, and it may not be their favorite, but it’s great experience! 
  • The more you take, the harder it is to get around, and the more stuff you have to paw through to find what you need.  Cut down on the choices, it’s easier!
  • Once your kids are old enough, let them pick their own toys and books, and limit it to what they’re willing to carry (and potentially lose)!  That cuts down on a lot of “can I bring this?” requests :). 

Next time you pack for a trip, see if you can leave behind a few more things!  I packed very lightly for this last trip, and no I didn’t regret wearing the same jeans for I-won’t-tell-how-many-days in a row!  

How do you pack light?