Q of the Week : What drives you?

I think I’ve been mulling this one over for weeks now, given the appreciation post of a couple of weeks ago, expectations, and some general hmmmm-ing I’ve been doing now that my life has changed rather dramatically thanks to homeschooling.  I’m rethinking my ‘drivers’ and how they work (or more likely don’t).  What turns a good day into a great day?  What’s your chocolate-for-the-brain equivalent?  I’m thinking of the attagirls, affection, accomplishments, attention, appreciation kind of things … your drug of choice.  What keeps you motivated?

I’ve talked before about being accomplishment-driven, which has it’s rather large pluses and minuses.  I suck at relaxing, and feel I have to earn it.  I do, however, get a lot done unless I’m mired in the pit of dispair!  (Sorry, watched The Princess Bride last night with the boys and fear I’ll be quoting it for weeks.)  I wish I were less so, but it’s me for now.  I’m finding it more challenging to get things done though, thanks to my new 24x7 sidekick, at least in the “check them off my list” category.  I’m learning to put some of the more mundane things on my lists, so that I get to at least check something off once in awhile!  I know I feel much better when I’ve gotten something on my list done, and my boys have had a good day too and have lots to talk about when dad comes home.  That’s a driver that I need to invite on board more often!

So, what keeps you moving?