Would You Like Some ... Copperplate with that?

Quick question here … are your kids being taught cursive writing in school?  Douglas wasn’t getting it in 2nd grade here in NYC, and was told it wouldn’t be taught.  I realize that it’s not used as much anymore, and not considered necessary, but I think there’s a beauty and energy to the written word that is utterly lost in digital form.  I still have letters stashed away that my girlfriends and I laboriously wrote each other, and they mean so much more than an archive of emails.  I think it’s a skill worth saving. 

The photo at the right is from a book I pulled from the trash today, outside of a church a few blocks from my house.  I honestly couldn’t believe they pitched it, it’s the church register and notes starting in 1908, and the chunk I got covers up to about 1928!  It’s hundreds of pages of the most beautiful copperplate writing I think I’ve ever seen.

Douglas really wanted to learn cursive, so he’s been practicing it on his own for months now.  I love handwriting, and own a fountain pen or two, but don’t do it nearly often enough.  I can tell a difference in how I write my newsletters if I sit down to my computer, vs. curling up on the bed with a notebook.  My thought processes change. 

So how does handwriting work in your household?  Very curious if it’s a truly dead art or not.