Q of the Week : How do you blow off steam?

Part of our Easter was to have a picnic in the local park, complete with skinned knees, elaborate traps built out of sticks and glass bits, and squabbling in the wagon on the way there.  I went dressed in my running clothes, and did a few laps of the park after lunch while Michael watched the boys. I’m gradually running further and further in my new Vibram shoes, and hope to not use regular running shoes again if I can help it!

As we were walking home, I thanked him for letting me run (by watching the boys) and his response was “What would we do if you didn’t run?!”  “Wear helmets … and boxing gloves … and probably kneepads,” was my semi-serious response.  I really do need to run for all of us to stay sane.  I don’t do it for my health (though it does feel great!) or for my weight, but simply to be alone and run off steam in a way that sets my mind free to wander.  I really need that time, and we all hurt if I don’t get it.  It truly keeps me sane at this point in my life. 

I also chill out with a glass of wine or snarf down chocolate and cheese at night, but they don’t give me the same release that running does.  I also used to sing loudly in my car, and had a lovely punching bag at one point in my life, but neither of those are options these days!

How do you blow off steam?