It's been a hard day

Then again, they’re all hard, aren’t they?  Always a mix of beautiful and painful, easy and traumatic, passionate and shrinking.  Some weeks the balance seems swayed one way or another, and inevitably I find myself wishing things were different.  It’s so easy to get lost in dreams, if-onlys, and hopes that we lose sight of the delicious moments that lay their heads down on our shoulders and snuggle.  It’s the savoring, or simply the recognition of those blips of perfection that make the day a good one.  Destination matters, and directions count, but the joy?  It’s all in the journey. 

It was a good day in the end, a very good day.  A perfect mix of angst, accomplishment, old and new faces, favorite haunts, sunshine, claustrophobic travel, sweaty and sleepy boys, and love.  How was yours?