Friday Roundup ...

I was sick most of the week, and spent minimal time online, but here are a few things I ran across and enjoyed …

  • Happy Birthday Mom (by The Other Laura via the WC) … “THIS is normal”  Read it moms, and feel the truth.  So well said!
  • A friend turned me on to Grooveshark just today, and so far I love it!  It’s an online choose-your-own radio station where you put in some songs you like and it suggests others … not a new concept but I love not having to pick a playlist!  Great background noise if you want some. 
  • Homeschool Freebie of the Day is just that, and I’m loving some of the things I’m finding!  Great ebooks, .mp3s, etc for your kids … some just plain entertaining, some directly educational.  I just subscribe in my feedreader and check to see if it’s something I want every few days.  Most of the content is older, some of it really old, and I love seeing the vintage illustrations. The audio files are great alternative entertainment too.
  • One more homeschooling thing, which PW profiled today so I’ll let her talk about it … The Story of the World books, they really are fabulous!  I”m loving just picking them up and reading a chapter, and if you keep books in your bathroom??  Great addition to that pile :). 

Have a great weekend!  We’re hoping to do a mini stoop sale and lemonade stand if the weather holds, I’ll let you know how it goes.