Q of the Week : How do you work out frustrations?

I’m not having a good day, in fact it’s been a horrible one.  I can’t put my finger on why, it’s just been a Manic Monday where I seem to boil over at the least little thing.  My usual coping mechanism is to go into hyper-cleaning mode, or some other hands-on activity that produces visible results, like making something on the sewing machine or reorganizing a closet.  It’s therapeutic to me, and usually melts away the feelings.  Most attempts at that were thwarted today, though I did manage to make a handmade journal to slip in my swap-partner’s box before it shipped, and that helped somewhat.

Sometimes I run, but I’ve been too sick for much of that lately. If I commuted in a car, I’d probably do the sing at the top of my lungs thing like I used to.  While I can certainly get away that walking down my Brooklyn sidewalk, I don’t feel like dealing with the looks.  I talk to friends, pray, go outside, and of course know that my moods are my own responsibility. 

I would love to know how my fellow moms work it out though … what do you do when you’re ready to boil over?