Q of the Week : What's a favorite memory of your mom?

With Mother’s Day approaching, Me and my mom, as we both were tearing up while saying goodbye last summer.I thought it a good idea to share memories of our own moms.  I initially wanted to ask about your first memory, but that’s hard to come up with for some of us (me included!) so would just love to hear a favorite story about your own mum. 

I have a few …

  • Riding on the back of my mom’s bicycle in a kiddie seat, swaying back and forth as she pedaled.  I must have been about 4 or so?  Not exactly sure.  
  • Lying on the couch when I was sick, and being attended to so carefully with 7up and saltines, a heating pad if needed, the barf bowl, and treats.  I felt so comforted and safe. 
  • Riding next to mom in the cab of a pickup truck that was laboring up the side of a mountain in Peru.  It was the honored seat for the gringa and her about-to-puke youngest, the rest of the family was standing in the back.  Good times :).  (The full story is here if you’re curious!). 
  • Watching my mom, who hardly ever took breaks of any kind when I was at home (and still doesn’t!), lying on the couch reading a book and nibbling at a bowl of olives.  I loved seeing her relax.

What’s a favorite memory of your mom?