Wee Play Camp for fellow NYC moms

Jocelyn’s given us some great play tips before, and her classes are fab for the younger set.  Check out her summer camp below, it’s during the dog days of August and is a great way to keep the wee ones entertained while you get a bit of a breather!  Enjoy …

Wee Play Camp

WHEN: 10am-12pm, Monday-Friday
Week 1 Animal Adventures: August 16-20
Week 2 Fairytale Theater: August 23-27

WHERE: Area Yoga, 320 Court Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

WHO: Kids ages 3-5 who love stories, characters and play!

WHAT:   In this exciting camp, young performers are introduced to acting, improvisation, creative movement and song.   We adapt tales from children’s literature and invent our own stories as well! Students create visual art that supports their understanding of character.  Both weeks culminate in an open class for family and friends.  A stimulating and nurturing environment for the budding artist. 
In Week 1: Animal Adventures, we read fables, and the children create animal characters that express their artistic voice. 
In Week 2: Fairy Tale Theater, we read children’s fairy tales and interpret characters of heroes, villains, fairies and more! 

HOW MUCH: $275/week, $500 for both weeks, 10% sibling rebate discount. 

HOW: Visit our on-line application at www.childsplayny.com.  Two-week and sibling discounts will be mailed as a rebate. 

DETAILS:  This is an independent participation class although parents are welcome to stay in the class and observe.  Class is led by Jocelyn Greene, executive director of Child’s Play NY and teacher at Packer Collegiate Institute and Berkeley Carroll School.  Enrollment will be capped at eight students.