Freaky Quiet Friday ...

Drawing Michael did of me at age 6 or so, based on an old school photoI’ve been so busy catching up on work (the paying kind) and hanging out with my husband this week that I haven’t managed to blog the last few days.  It’s been utterly blissful to have a quiet house, check many things off my to-do-list, and get out and about on two (yes, two!!) dates with Michael.  We just rambled last night, something we never do, and ended up checking out the uber-cool DeKalb market (must go back when it’s not raining and 20 minutes to closing next time …) and then caught an old Liz Taylor / Richard Burton flick at BAM. Got caught in the rain coming home and arrived soaked and happy. 

I feel younger this week (though not quite so young as the pic above!), and I know it’s due to the lifting of the minute-to-minute responsibilites of my kids.  It’s a temporary weight off, and it makes me feel light and free.  I do miss them quite a bit, especially at bedtime, but it’s not taking any of the joy out of my days.   It’s funny too, I’m more aware of my hunger and mood and energy levels than I’ve been in years … I’m sure the result of only having my own needs to think about most of the time.  It almost feels dangerous, like I might get too used to having things stay put away, not seeing lego all over the floor, and getting up when I like and eating when I like.  I do have an empty spot in my heart though, waiting for the boys to come pack it full again. 

Have a great weekend!