Weekend Makeover

I got the urge to clean up and renovate around here this weekend, and while it’s not vastly different it makes me really happy.  The blog I mean, not myself or my house.  It was suddenly a top priority, despite many other things to claim my attention, and I dug in and stayed up late.  I realized part way through the process that it was a joy to work on something that no one else could touch or mess up, especially not my kids!  No one to leave sticky fingerprints on it, clutter it up, or bury it under piles of to-do lists.  It’s mine to play with :).

Other than the visual changes, I did some LONG overdue cleanup to the content too.  I finally (what took me son freakin long?) took down the signup for my Shaking the Grapevine newsletter, a carryover from my coaching days, which I let lapse last year but still felt vaguely guilty about.  I’m so adept at finding ways to feel guilty.  The archives are over here now under Links and Resources, and I think there were some real winners in terms of ideas so please earch and enjoy.  The other main deletion was the forum, which some of you may remember?  It was fun while it lasted, but hadn’t been active for a long time, and the spam was accumulating faster than I could delete it.  Sayonara and thanks for all who shared in it over the years!

Other links were cleaned up, I have a (gasp) new profile pic, and I hope it all feels a bit lighter and airier as that was a big part of my goal.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by!