of boys and trees and friday night fun

no, they weren’t at all excited …We managed to get the tree bought, up, and trimmed in one night, a miracle for us!  Our only holiday tradition seems to be that we don’t ever do it the same way twice, and sometimes don’t do (the tree bit) at all.  This is a tree year however, and we did make ornaments so Friday night was the designated purchase/haul home evening. 

stringing (what was left of) the popcornThe garland had been made, the ornaments finished, and local tree sellers scouted out.  After purchasing the prickliest blue spruce you’ve ever laid bare hands on, and convincing Fynn that he could not ride home on the tree, we made it as far as the house. 

We ended up doing some severe trimming to fit it into the designated corner (under the loft) and then Douglas and I trimmed it while Fynn went out onto the porch and proceeded to turn the bottom 2 feet of the tree, that we’d hacked off, into a respectable cat apartment on the back porch.  Flipped upside down and trimmed out underneath (he wore his army helmet to keep from getting scratched), with a little doorway snipped out, it made a very cozy cat hideout that they’re immensely pleased with.

I had to curb my want to do it my way tendencies when putting up ornaments, which you’d think I could let go of easily, but we had a great time and we’re all happy with the end product. 

Also, I live with all males, and yes it sometimes drives me nuts.  There’s simply not enough estrogen in the house to keep things in balance, and sometimes I just wish I had an ally when it comes to not always entering joyfully into the wackiness and farts and burps and general shenanigans that my three enjoy 24/7.


I did find this funny though …Holidays are what you make of them, and working and playing together is about as good as it gets in my book, so far so good!