Happy Valentine's Day!

… and a Q of the Week of course …

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my mom friends out there, hope it’s a good one, and that you feel loved and supported! I had to remind my kiddos to make valentines for the family, but scored some lovingly crafted ones as a result :).  I managed to throw together some heart-scattered placemats as my contribution, along with french toast (a treat around here) and all was good.  I’d share some pics of the creations, but the kittens did in the camera last week, so imaginations will have to suffice. 

As for my husband and I, I’ve requested a cleaning of the litterbox for my present, and he’s happily agreed … yes, we’re romantic like that!  We’ve got a date half-planned actually, though not for V-day specifically, but are waiting on the availability of a free sitter to make it actually happen.

So, for this week’s question, what did you give/get/do for Valentines Day?