The 10 Minute Post, with links ...

I have the timer set, because if the boys don’t finish cleaning up their room and I don’t finish blogging, the world will collapse.  Well, not quite, but if we don’t get outside again, now that it’s finally sunny like they promised it would be, we’ll kick ourselves for not enjoying a spring day stuck in the middle of February!  You know?  Make hay while the sun shines, or something like that.

A few links to share that have been back-burnered but are no less wonderful. 

When You’re a Planner and Your Friend Isn’t: You know how it goes, you’re either the planner or the loosey-goosey one, and the two just don’t mesh too well …

Flawed and Fleeting: DaMomma hits another one out of the park.  “It is flawed and fleeting, and sometimes it is work to love it. And maybe in the work of loving it is the greatness.”  True words, dammoma, true words.

Close Encounter with a Stranger : Minnesota Matron made me cry, it’s touching and heartwrenching. 

Had any close encounters with a stranger yourself?  Mine yesterday wasn’t tragic, and only qualifies as close if you count being squished together in the subway … I wore my toe shoes thanks to the warmer weather, and had a man tell me with a chuckle that the sight of my shoes had made his entire day.  Glad to help :).

Time’s up, so I have to go.  Sorry posting’s been light, but I’ve had a rough few days and am just surfacing.  Breakdowns in the middle of the night are tiring, ya know?  Makes it hard to keep up with real life, let alone my online one.

Off to the park, have a great weekend!