Snow Craziness

Our backyard iglooI’ve got a full-blown case of cabin fever.  Running has taken a big hit, only 2 runs in two weeks, and boy do I miss the outlet.  Then there’s snow, freezing rain, etc, and yes I can go out in it, and should have, but it’s so much freakin effort that I just didn’t bother today.  We all got on each other’s nerves, and I left the supper table in a mess, hid on the computer for awhile, and then catapulted out of my chair at the “Mom, the cat pooped on the couch!” cry from the frontroom.  A frantic cleaning frenzy ensued, most of which had nothing to do with cat poop and everything to do with finding an outlet for my craziness. 

The fort above was the sum total of our outdoor experience in the last few days, other than a quick run to the store.  It was fun to do, and we managed to get it done before the rain/ice hit today, so it should be good and slicked over tomorrow.  Perhaps I should send the boys out and let them camp out it it with the portable DVD player for an hour?  It’s tempting.  They’d be so quiet no one would know they were out there alone ;).  It would give me time for a drink or two, right?  Riiight, not going to happen though. 

As for snow, above and below are the two sculptures my dear husband built in the front yard in the last couple of days.  One was supposedly modeled after me, so kind of him and his rose colored glasses … but I feel like the other one, provided you can picture it with it’s mouth open and roaring.  I think I’m going out tomorrow no matter what, even if it’s to pick my nose in the park for an hour.  By myself.  Alone.  Blissfully so.  Until then?  It’s a bootleg movie that someone gave my husband, which I probably should have skated down to the theatre to see on the big screen tonight anyhow, but that chance is past. 

How are you surviving winter??