Q of the Week : Plans for summer?

I know, I know, it’s still February!  But we’re looking at a snow forecast here again, and I’m so ready for sun and summer it’s not funny.  So rather than gripe about it, I’d like to plan for it!  Anything you’re looking forward to, planning for, or have on a wish list?  Trips already outlined, annual vacations that you just do every summer, beaches that you’re plotting and saving for? 

I think it’s good to look ahead, and know that if I start plotting now, it’s far more likely to actually happen.  Even with the more local things, I keep a list on the fridge so that when we’re aimless we can look at it and remember the things that just never quite happen.  Like Governor’s Island.  How sad is it that I’ve lived here for 7+ years and never made it over there, when it’s just a mini ferry ride away?

I’m hoping to make more trips to local beaches, now that there are no strollers and naps to be worked around, and the same goes for museums.  We always need hideouts from the heat, and I’m putting together a list of what places are free on what days so we can make the most of it.  I’m also plotting some kind of family camping trip where we’re not visiting anyone (like most of our trips) but just have a week or so by ourselves somewhere.  I honestly don’t care where, as long as it’s out of the city, not full of campers, and has water nearby! 

What’s on your summer list?  Dare to dream about it yet?

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