Q of the Week : How Fevered is Your Spring?

I tried to write earlier today, but realized I couldn’t put any coherent thoughts down until I’d spent some time in the sun.  I ditched the computer, went out for a run, and soaked up every ray that I could.  I’ve gotten a pretty good case of spring fever in the last two weeks, despite the freezing temps and bizarre thunder snowshowers we’ve had recently.  The birds and bulbs know better, and continue to do their thing despite the cold. I’m determined to join them!

How does spring fever hit you?  A mere blip on your personal radar, or a full-fledged closet-cleaning frenzy that results in sore backs and bags for the thrift store?  I tend to go all out, but in brief spurts.  Warm days make me want to throw open the windows and scrub some shelves, but I also want to get outside and sit in the sun and do absolutely nothing.  Most warm days we manage a bit of both. 

I do get the urge to tackle the bigger projects more often now, like figuring out how to change up the boys’ (small) room so that we lower the incidence of lego-injuries to something like one a week?  I have no idea how to do it, but my brain starts spinning faster on the subject with each bit of sun that creeps across my window panes.  Any ideas on how to make an 8 x 12 room fit two boys, their clothes, toys, scads of books, and approximately 15 gallons of Lego?   I’m all ears!  My feet will thank you when they’re not lacerated with sharp lego corners.  Speaking of Lego, by the way, I had a FB friend comment that she’d organized her daughter’s collection by color and size.  I’m assuming she’s got a bad case of spring fever, and that girls just don’t use lego like my two do.  They’d bathe in it if they could, and indeed many creations have joined them in the bathtub on more than one occasion.  But enough about Lego …

I also feel the urge to accomplish getting stronger, and not just with cleaning and organizing stuff.  That hibernation feeling that comes with the dark days of winter is sloughing away, and I’m starting to remember what my dreams and goals are.  With that comes the automatic guilt that I’ve been wasting time these last few months, but that’s not being fair to myself.  There’s a time to rest, and a time to act, and increasingly more hours of light in which to do so. 

So what are you itching to do in these slowly warming days?