Fanged Giraffes, and why mama needs a cocktail (or two)

Photo of the elusive fanged variety, courtesy of Chris Adams via Flickr. I’m sure you’ve heard of the dangerous fanged giraffe, right?  They generally appear as gentle-seeming crocodiles, strolling up out of the river into the trees where you’re walking.  When you decide it’s wise turn and walk away, thank you very much, the croc morphs into a giraffe with lightning-fast reflexes and some nasty fangs, and nips you in the neck before you can move. 

That’s just one of the really delightful dreams I’ve had this week, and I think it’s safe to say this mama needs a break!  I’ve been a little too wound up lately, gotten into the habit of staying up till 3am and then not getting up to run, and spinning my wheels as a result.  I think some self-care is in order, that may include a cocktail or two, but more importantly a return to some kind of scheduled creative and/or physical outlet.  As a friend pointed out, when I’m running regularly, my posts are a lot more upbeat!  I have a few crafty projects on the list too, that have been promised but not started for months now.  Time to make at least one of them a priority, maybe that bag of silk pieces that I just rearranged again the other day on the supply shelf?   A good place to start …

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the shuffle.  I can’t blame anyone for my lack of self-care, that’s why it’s called self-care.  I have to make it a priority.  I have support for it here at home when I ask for it, I just sabotage myself into not taking it, or making it happen.  I guess it takes the appearance of fanged giraffes to make me realize that something needs to shift around in my priorities! 

So I promise to run tomorrow morning, no matter how early I have to get up, or how little sleep I get.  I’ll also pour myself a stiff drink tomorrow night, and not do any work after the kids go to bed.  Promise to myself, in the presence of all you witnesses.  It’s a step in the right direction at least!

And I just have to ask, any of you encounter a fanged giraffe recently?!  Love to hear about it, or any other bizarre dreams you might have had!  The subconscious sure is a strange beast sometimes.