I have a 9-year-old

I’m not sure how it happened, but I now have a 9-year-old.  Hit me almost as hard as 40 did, this growing up thing.  Nine??!!  It’s almost ten, and the double digits are a whole other ballgame.  It’s the little things that suddenly freeze-frame in your mind, like a birthday or sudden new look in your kid’s eye, and you glance back and realize how far you’ve come.  How the days and moments added up to a whole other dimension, the one that trips along in years.  How days equal a life if you stack them up, and that  you never know how big your stack’s going to be. 

All 5 boys in the newly-completed mini loft, which held up nicely! It’s got a wee studio beneath it for Fynn, and a reading nook above … fun for all ages. Well we wrung the most out of the last 3 days, that’s for sure!  Sorry I went silent, but with 5 boys in the house and a visiting big sister to love on, those things just took priority.  There was much Nintendo to be played, many movies to be watched, wet jackets and shoes on every radiator, and chatter into the wee hours.  Pretty much heaven for a 9-year-old, at least for this one.

Fynn thought he could boss his younger-but-not-smaller cousin around, and took delight in attempting it. He wasn’t really successful at all though, as 3-year-olds who have several much-older-brothers learn to fend for themselves rather quickly.  They did agree on camping and marshmallows however!  I drew the line at toasting them over a real candle, a good call don’t you think? 

I’ll get a Q of the Week up tomorrow, and have some yummy snack recipes queued up too thanks to creative friend here in NY, so this week shouldn’t be so quiet!