Friday Roundup ...

Gratuitious cat shot, just becase I can. Got a replacement (replica) camera yesterday via Ebay, and am able to photograph the stinkers again. Hope they don’t break this one!What’s this weather called?  Oh right, it’s spring … puddle stomping yesterday, freezing hands and hot chocolate today.  Rain predicted all weekend.  It’s not snowing though! 

Quite the week, and I’m so glad it’s Friday.  Breakdowns, good news, late nights, subway dramas, and more.  It’s been full.  Here are a few things I wanted share, they’re all great and worth clicking through, so if you’ve got a drink and a few minutes, enjoy!

  • Catherine Newman is food blogging again, in a different place, and her recipes and words are both delicious.  We devoured her tortilla soup with chipotle cream last weekend, and will definitely make it again.  1 hour tops, and if you don’t have time for that, please just make the chipotle sour cream because it’s good on everything.  Yes, everything (well, maybe not in my tea … ).  Yum.  
  • Whoopie always makes me laugh, and she’s currently posting every day for Lent (yay!).  She and her fam did the Tweed Run last weekend, and she made me want to join in, despite the fact that I’ve not one bit of interest in tweed.  It just looked like so much fun.  Now perhaps I identify a bit more because my husband also has an award-winning handlebar mustache?  But really, that’s not one bit required to find her hilarious (try this one, i howled!), lovely, and utterly unique.  Her illustrations are not to be missed either.  
  • Intruder in the House by MommyShorts seems to be making the viral rounds this week, and with good reason.  Funny stuff.  
  • Mrs G is posting again, this time back on Derfwad Manor.  I love a woman who changes her mind all the time, it gives me hope.  

Have a great weekend, catch you Monday and thanks for stopping by!