Q of the Week : What are your Dreads and Delights this week?

At least I’m not dreading cleaning up Lego this week, I can shut the door on it and not have to see it for once :). (Dreading finding a new housemate for that room? Whole other story!)I became aware this afternoon, as the light faded and dinner responsibilities approached, that my enthusiasm was waning and my shoulders were hunching a bit in anticipation of the week’s responsibilities.  I then realized that the same feeling arrives every Sunday night.  Like clockwork.  I dread Mondays. 

I almost always wake up Monday morning feeling guilty for something … for not getting up earlier, not prepping breakfast, that pile of dirty dishes on the counter, not getting enough client work done on the weekend so that I can be more attentive to the boys during the day … the list goes on.  I can always find something!  I don’t like the feeling of being behind before I even start, and I don’t even have to get to an office.  It might be my particular issues, but is it Manic Monday for anyone else? 

So, in an attempt to refocus before I beat myself up: What am I dreading this week, and what am I looking forward to?  The dreading is definitely filing tax extensions before tomorrow night, and getting two client sites edited without losing too much sleep.  The delights?  Fynn having a week off from cello, so I don’t have to drag two boys and two cellos on the subway Thursday night!  Also, dinner with visiting family on Saturday (mmm, homemade paella …) and a playdate tomorrow that includes mom-chat time with a friend I haven’t seen in ages.  Just naming them makes the week look a lot more appealing, and gives me a bit of a push to get the “dreads” out of the way asap. 

What are your dreads/delights for the week?  Need to add a self-care delight to the list just to balance things out?  Now’s the time!

Oh, and happy (Manic) Monday :)