Tuesday Ten

Just re-found this pic, it’s been 10 years since this was printed, and I’m no longer a member, but I still barefoot whenever I can get away with it! The weather is looking mighty good for such things, I have to say. I’m borrowing directly from Kizz over at 117 Hudson today, and posting a list.  A random list.  For some reason I can’t seem to focus enough to write anything else, so here you go …

  1. I’m going out tonight to see this movie, and I’m looking forward to the venue, the company, and the subject matter.  I’m sure I’ll come home touched, and probably stuffed too if I can find some good GF food in the area. 
  2. The boys have been playing with Capsela for the last hour, and keep showing me motorized machines they’ve put together.  The fact that the pieces are likely spread all over the floor in the front room, mingling with the lego storm that I shared yesterday?  I just won’t look.
  3. This recipe for Curried Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk was delish last night.  Right down to the addition of raisins, which I found really weird but they tasted fabulous with it.  I know, yet another lentil soup, and most of you are wishing I’d shut up about lentils already!  
  4. I actually can’t wait to get out tonight, I’m so sick of settling fights and cooking and dealing with a million questions that I’m tuning everything but the loudest screams out!  It’s probably best for all of us.
  5. I put off the things I least want to do, and yet tell my kids to eat/do the most distasteful things first.  This isn’t fair, nor does it work well.  Getting the dreaded stuff out of the way always feels better!  (Just to update my Dreads posted yesterday, extensions are filed and one client is done, one more to go!)
  6. I ran this morning, 2nd time in three days.  Woot!!  No distance records, but it’s better than I’ve been doing.  It was also the first time I wore shorts this year, so nice!  Pity those blinded by my pale legs, but so what :).
  7. In case you didn’t click over to Kizz’s blog yet, at least click here and read the poems, oh how I love Shel!  Lots more great poetry over there too (it’s Poetry Month after all), and the last couple of weeks are full of delicious odes and perfect pens.
  8. Any ideas on quelling potty talk?  Is it possible?  It’s never-ending in it’s appeal to small (and not-so-small) boys, and if I hear one more comment about weiners and poop and pee (amidst farts and burps unending I might add) I’m going to threaten something that I’ll regret!  Or do I just chalk it up to the inevitable and challenge them to burping competitions?
  9. Speaking of pee, a confession.  We get roaches periodically, it’s part of life in NY.  They’re big suckers, and usually dead already.  When I pick it up in a kleenex and toss it in the toilet (somehow I want it gone immediately, dead or not, and so avoid the garbage can … ) they beg to do some target practice on it before I flush.  I let them.  Yes, boys.
  10. The pics and article here about huge close-up photos of whales is gorgeous, and pretty fascinating to me.  Motherhood is part of it, awe is another, and the simple relaxation of looking at water and thinking about floating in it …

With that, I’m off to the rest of my evening.  Cheers!