Q of the Week : Where's your favorite place to relax?

The idea of relaxation seems to go with holidays, right?  Time off from school and work, get-togethers, down-time.  Nicely idealized in pretty menus and gorgeous pictures.  Yet the opposite seems to happen most of the time: lots of rushing and stress, in exchange for some family time or a trip somewhere.   There’s too often a real lack of joy in the journey.  I hope your Easter or Passover or long-weekend-thank-you-very-much wasn’t one of those times, but was full of great memories and moments! 

We lay pretty low as my husband had only Sunday off, but managed to pack in a family dinner, and I snuck out for a long run+ which was delightful.  (The plus means I went with a girlfriend, ended up miles from home but right next to Whole Foods, and treated myself to lunch before taking the subway back ;))  Relaxing in many ways.  The very best part of the weekend, though, was the 30 minutes after dinner on Saturday night, when my husband took the boys out for a walk.  I was home, alone, and it was utter bliss!  I read a few chapters of my latest e-book, did the dishes, and got ready for family movie night

I relax the very most on a beach with a good book, baking after a dip in a cold ocean.  Oh, and anticipating an exotic dinner made by someone else of course!  But that’s more distant dream than reality, and my current favorite place to relax is at home in a quiet house, whether that means everyone else is asleep and I’m curled up in bed with perfect trifecta of book/wine/snack, or even better that I’m the only one home, and can do as I wish without any interruptions.  I guess that boils down to relaxation=quiet to me right now :).

Where’s your favorite place to relax?  Your daily reality or your favorite spots on earth both welcomed, let’s hear it!