Q of the Week : You know it's summer when ...

With the weekend sighting of my first firefly, and the proliferation of wet towels and boys around here, I think summer has arrived.  With it come many things, and my question this week is simple … what signals summertime the most to you? 

The first few things that come to mind for me:

  • Fireflies of course
  • Wet bathings suits on every doorknob (if I’m lucky) and lying moldy on the bedroom floor if I’m not
  • Icee carts on every corner, and the continual begging from my boys with Puuullleeeeeease can we get an icee?
  • Fans, humidity, and grabbing for the sheets when my boys pass thru my room in the morning because I’ve slept in my underwear yet again. 
  • Picking herbs from my pots on the porch, instead of shelling out money for fresh mint and basil. 
  • Flip flops, bare feet, and enforced foot-washing when I remember.  Filthy sheets when I don’t. 
  • Never wanting to cook again
  • Red and truly ripe tomatoes!

What signs of summer do you see around your place?