Q of the Week : How is your summer going?

Fynn’s shot of Sparrow, lounging under my feet as usual. Rare moment that she’s not hunting for cool tile to lay her head on … For those of you not on vacation, blissfully disconnected, how’s your summer going?  It seems like I suddenly arrived in the sweat-till-you’re-soaked days of July without warning, but to be honest I’ve just been busy enough that it crept up on me.  Getting one boy ready for camp, a couple different visitors, and then the young guy starting his week of camp today have me distracted. 

The pools are open, the streets are packed with dripping kids, harried sitters and tired moms, and lots of tourists of course.  My FaceBook feed is full of vacation pictures, and for myself I’m looking forward to getting out of town next month for a few days camping with my extended family. 

I’m still not used to the late nights, but have surrendered to the idea that my kids will be going to bed after dark, and sometimes several hours past.  Somehow it’s a lot easier to tuck in one tired kid though, rather than discuss argue about bedtime stories and teethbrushing with two of them!  I have to say, being 12 days into this camp adventure that leaves me with responsibility one 5-year-old, it is very nice to not have to listen to arguing and squabbling all day long!  There has been a slight increase in the whining, but not really that much. 

Speaking of camp, we’ve gotten two letters from the D, and they show not one shred of homesickness and I couldn’t be happier!  They’re full of exclamation points :).  I did get the dreaded call from the camp director last week, though it wasn’t homesickness he was calling about.  D had gone to the nurse complaining of a sore spot on the back of his knee, and she feared a staph infection.  A trip to the clinic in town landed him a diagnosis of impetigo, and some antibiotics to clear it up.  Despite it’s contagious aspect, it doesn’t seem to have slowed him down at all, or sidelined him for which I’m super thankful!

Things going as expected for you this summer?  Sick of it and ready to have school start up tomorrow?!  In the midst of vacation and loving it?  Let us know how you’re doing, and what the highlights have been so far …