pictures from my week

once again the words are stuck, pictures are all i have for now.  my heart’s been heavy with thoughts of trayvon.  my time occupied with helping my husband move out of his studio, and prepping to once again have guests in our frontroom.  the purge of stuff continues on several fronts, so there’s a stoop sale in the near future and the boys can’t wait.  weather warms, spring catapults forward at a lovely but disturbing rate, and i gather things to be thankful for as armor for my days. 

a few of them … friends who offer a ride and a place to stay for a few days at the shore.  a new boomerang to play with.  watching the red-tailed hawk dive and swoop in the park today.  this video.  healthy kids.  back-to-back jobs for my husband.  hope.  stories, especially good ones.  open windows.  finding old pictures of my family.  barefooting again.  good memories. 

this was my week …