Boron, Silicon, and Carbon; patterning my week

Silly Putty, in case you’re wondering …“You’re never excited about ANYthing, Mom!”  His words hit me like a ton of bricks.  I don’t remember what they were a response to, it probably involved some comment I’d made sarcastically about being thrilled about some project I had to work on that related to him somehow.  I know, not a comment I should have been making in the first place, great way to make them feel like crap.
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Orn(ery)ament tutorial, as promised.

70’s photos? nope, just my inkjet running low again. I swear I get 15 pages before it craps out …

I made noises last week about an ornament tutorial, but of course it turned into a long-standing project that got shoved aside, and I only took a few pics.  How many of you have any intentions (still) of being crafty and making some personalized ornaments while sipping hot chocolate, listening to soothing holiday music, and everyone laughing and talking happily?  I thought not.  Not to be grinchy, but finishing up the ornaments last night turned into me making most of them, the boys drawing a few cats and a turtle for me, and then spending the rest of the time making popcorn and stringing it with Dad.  More fun than fiddly ornaments for sure! 

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Our Journey So Far (by Bridget S.)

If you’ve been reading here the last few months, you’re already familiar with the writing of Bridget Straub.  I love the candidness and insight she brings to the sanemoms table, and when I heard about a new creative project of hers that needs a little kick to get it going, I wanted to share it with you all! She tells the story in her own words below, so please take the time to check it out, and chip in a buck or two or more if you can … if we all gave $5 she’d be there in no time :).  Good luck Bridget!

Room to Grow : A Cool New Musical for the Whole Family!

As parents, sometimes our closest friendships develop through our kids. When my daughter Tessa began kindergarten, she became friends with a little girl whose mother just happened to be Laura Hall.

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Showing up, and the touch of a genius

I’m more affected than I expected to be upon hearing of Steve Jobs’ passing yesterday.  He was a great man, and I won’t try to add any real perspective to the tributes flowing deep and wide all over.  I simply loved his demeanor, his turtlenecks, and his seemingly indefatigable passion for making things that work well and are actually a delight to use.  Not to mention sexy.  I’ve long loved all things Apple, even though I stopped being able to afford Macs for my design work years ago and had to settle for my well-hated PC. 
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Where do you get your inspiration?

We spent the day yesterday at the 2011 NY Maker Faire, and to say it was inspiring is an understatement.  It’s a gathering of inventors and hackers and crazy artists in the realms of science and techology and crafts and engineering and art.  There were many hands-on demonstrations, oodles of booths, a giant recycled dragon on wheels, a life-size Mousetrap game, MakerBots printing everything imaginable, a car covered with singing fish, crazy costumes, robots, and sound-activated Tesla coils shooting out real lightning.  If you have any maker crazy kids in your house, I can’t recommend it enough.  I think we all came home full of ideas, and my boys’ schooling today is centered around capturing their memories for future use.  It was an amazing day. 

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The Choices I’ve Made (by Bridget S.)

I am frustrated and have no one to blame but myself, which let’s face it, is just, well, frustrating.  Do you see the circles my mind runs in? Let me explain: I want to be light and happy.  After all, I’m living the dream right? I have three great kids, kids that I chose to have. I live in Los Angeles, a city that I love and chose to come to live in. I am pursuing a career in writing because I feel compelled to do so, yes, but on some level I’m choosing to do it. Short of a husband who adores me and supports me both emotionally as well as financially, I’ve got it all. But you see, this is where I’m running into trouble.
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Would You Like Some Queen Sparrow, Carrots, and Mother Teresa?

Fynn made Sparrow a crown the other day … hope you get a bit of the royal treatment this week too!I can’t find the words yet for Mother’s Day thoughts, so I’ll leave that alone for now.  Other than to share a quote, that is, which kfc sent me the other day. 

“The woman is the heart of the home.  Let us pray that we women realize the reason of our existence: to love and be loved and through this become instruments of peace in the world.”  — Mother Teresa

May the Be Loved part be especially true!

It’s grey and rainy here, which I’m enjoying to the hilt for some reason, perhaps it’s helping the residual effects of last night’s magaritas not hurt so much?! 

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Knitting, Risk, and Who Does She Think She Is anyway?

I’m finally sitting down at my computer for the first time today, and am loving the fact that it took this long!  We did a lot of errands today (my sister is in town, making the process infinitely easier!) and got rid of some things that have been cluttering up the entry way … and boy do I love getting rid of stuff!  It’s the best kind of therapy, next to cleaning I think.  Having my sister around is good therapy too :).

We watched the Who Does She Think She Is movie last night, and while it was my 2nd time through I found it just as fascinating and thought-provoking as the first time. 

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Of Rotten Kids and other things ...

That’s Grandma Figgy on the left, likely taken just after some sassy comment left her lips … It’s been a scattered week, but aren’t they all?  Recovering from my run was surprisingly less painful than expected, but I took it really easy anyhow.  No big outings, just puttering around the house and giving the boys a lighter-than-usual workload. 

I’ve been warily eyeing that monster called depression, who I expected to come bounding around the corner the minute the marathon was over, but so far we haven’t met in close quarters.  I saw him in the distance once.  This is good, though it makes me a bit afraid that I’m going to get blindsided.  One day at a time.  Chocolate helps, and I’ve been making steady inroads into the stashes hidden around the house :).


I had one major sad note this week though, and that was to find that one of my original Rotten Kids passed away on Monday. 

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When is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? (by Heather)

Thanks to Heather for the Q of the Week this week, see my answer in the comments :) — SaneMom

I am fairly spontaneous.  I like to think I am open minded enough to try almost anything given the opportunity (I just couldn’t jump out of that plane though).  I may not be the one scratching the wild ideas off my list, but if someone else wants to try something new, I am a sure bet to go with them.

My husband and I were on a weekend getaway for our 10-year anniversary in Berkley Springs, West Virginia this month.  After breakfast on Saturday morning, we drove to a state park for a hike.  As we were looking for trail markers, we saw a sign that said,  “skeet shooting”.   My husband lit up and said, “Have you ever shot a gun?” 

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Q of the Week : What's your current Big Goal?

Most of life is bound up in the day-to-day details, and that’s what we need to find the joy in.  I should say I need to find the joy in … I’m great at seeing that stuff as drudgery, and getting it out of the way so I can do the other stuff.  The big things, the fun things, the “bucket list” things that so often get kicked to the curb.  I seem to function the best when I’ve got one of those dreams/projects in motion, otherwise I dither around and feel like I’m turning in circles without ever moving forwards.  Perhaps not the healthiest mode of operation, but it’s one I know well.  The crazy all-consuming wedding project disrupted my normal life to a great extent, but I throve on it to be honest.  I knew that once it was over I’d get a bit depressed. 
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Embrace the Resistance (by Darah Z.)

If you’re a runner or a cyclist, you’ll be able to relate to this well.  Have you ever begun your run or ride and realized immediately that you were working so damn hard and making little progress?  You feel yourself exerting tons of energy and yet, the wind resistance is so unrelenting that you struggle to advance anything.

At this point you begin to question your ability to run or pedal and start eyeing your watch.  You entertain thoughts of returning home to an obscenely oversized bowl of ice cream and call it a day. 

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