I forgot my son's chess class today ...

A Cool sculpture at the Bring To Light festival we went to this past weekend. I think fall has stolen my brain cells, I swear they’re leeching away as the sun gets lower in the sky!  It wasn’t until two hours after D’s chess class started that I noticed last week’s class in my planner, and realized I never wrote it in for today!  I’m not feeling badly about it and am thankful that he was at the library with his dad at the time, so by the time he got home he didn’t care all that much about it.  Mom forgot, plain and simple!
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The Friday Roundup will become the sometime this weekend roundup … as I went to say hi to a friend who was watching Douglas, and ended up staying for the afternoon and pizza and the evening and piano playing and hilarious chatting and we left too late for me to do anything about posting when I got home :). 

If you’ve got a favorite to share, speak up below, and I’ll add it to my list when I get it posted.  Happy weekend!

We have a winner!!

I promised this announcement Friday, and didn’t deliver, sorry about that!  Here we finally are with the contest results from the SaneMom Birthday contest

I decided to go low-tech this time and had a lot more fun :) 

Remember the prize was a hand-bound journal and a voucher for 4 Free Individual Coaching sessions with me, the SaneMom Coach.


The names were all written on slips of paper, and Fynn obliged by being my name-drawer.  He drew one slip of paper out, and then waved it around and made it almost impossible for me to get a picture of it ….



Congratulations Ashnate0505!

If you can email me your address asap (or the name/address of whoever you want to get the prize), I’ll get the package out to you!

Happy Holidays to you all, may they be joyful, comforting, blessed, and calm!



Question of the Week | What's been the best thing about your summer?

Sorry I forgot to post this last week!  Most of you get the newsletter, but just in case here it is … two more days to answer and we need MORE answers!  Hope you having a great last week of summer, or are back in the swing if it’s all over for you already …


Question of the Week

What’s been the best thing about your summer?
Whether it’s a small joy or a big painful lesson, or a great entertainment idea, please share with us! As usual, the summer feels like it’s flown past, and there have been some great moments and a few doldrum weeks (while mom works feverishly and the boys have to self-entertain more than I’d like, sigh).

The highlights for me have been the impromptu dinners “on the road”, where we pack a meal or get takeout, and then wander thru the Berkshires looking for a promising field or stream or log to perch on for dinner. The one this week was marked by mosquitoes, rapidly-fading light, and a less-than-perfect clearing on some long-unused plot of land, but it was an adventure anyhow. So the best thing about my summer? The impromptu bits, as always. It’s possible, even with multiple kids :).

So please, just come on over to the Learnings Section and share your thoughts, so we can hear the highlights of your summer! I’m extending the deadline a bit as I’m so late this week (sorry again!) and you have a bit more than a full week to answer. Bring it on!

TO ANSWER : Click here to share your thoughts on your summer , and you’ll be counted in this week’s drawing for a prize! Don’t forget, we need at least 7 answers to have a drawing!

PRIZE: That pretty blank book/pen set for lists, plans, dates, or dreaming of projects that I’m still trying to give away! This one has an elastic closure and is lined. 

DEADLINE: August 26th, at midnight EST.