The New Bugaboo Jacka**… er, Donkey (guest post from Jenny)

My daughter is now nine, so admittedly I haven’t had to think about strollers for years. However, I remember the hunt well.

I must have gone through three different varieties of stroller before hitting the one that worked (and it wasn’t flawless, it just worked well).  As a mother-to-be, I registered for what everyone told me was the single “best” stroller on the market: a fully loaded Peg Perego.  This monster was supposed to last Anna from infancy onwards, but it didn’t work out that way.  Despite the fancy detachable infant seat, the huge wheels (like a 16-wheeler for babies, it was), and the frame that wouldn’t have budged during an F4 tornado, the Peg was an epic fail.  Anna hated the seat and screamed in it the majority of the time; the seat seemed a bit stubborn to “click” in and out of the car.  That sturdy frame needed both hands to manage.  And there was this particularly memorable moment in a mall parking lot when it refused to fold.

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