Taking Off

Fynn driving his space shuttle in the front yard this morning, before it got taken apart and dumped in the trash.

The bags are packed, and it’s time for us to hit the road … so glad that the way has been paved for us to get out of the city for 12 days!  Sadly my husband has to stay home and work, and will be sorely missed, but I’m looking forward to time camping and visits with family and a packed-less-than-usual schedule.  The next 24 hours will be a test of my nerves and the kid’s tolerance though …

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Q of the Week : What's the longest you've been away from your kid(s)?

D goes to camp this week.  Wednesday morning to be exact, and I don’t think it really started hitting me until about two days ago.  When I started getting his checklist of gear together, realized I didn’t have some of it, and started actually thinking about what was going to happen in just a few days.  How I’m going to miss him, despite the freedom of only having one kid at home.  How his banter will be missed, and, yes, even some of the blither.  His brother is going to be lost without him too.  They’ve become such incredibly good friends since I started homeschooling that they’re inseparable, unless D wants to get lost in a book, or build some very fragile creation of course.  

Three and a half weeks is a long time. 

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Q of the Week : How do you handle fighting in your house? (by Heather S.)

I know all kids fight.  I know we can’t stop it completely.  But some days I feel like I should be wearing a black and white striped outfit and a whistle around my neck.  My kids are both very strong willed and spirited.  My daughter is 5 and is extremely dramatic and wants a lot of space.  My son is 3 and is unusually physically active.  All he wants to do is sit on top of her.  What they want from each other is so completely opposite that we can’t seem to find a common ground.  Some days I don’t know what else to say, I sound like a broken record.  I feel like I have tried it all…
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